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Building Adam

We begin with the heart of the system, the cpu and motherboard. The cpu slips into the socket A on the motherboard with ease. Getting the heat sink over the processor is a little tough. First you line up the heatsink clips over the socket and click it on. Its a simple procedure, but tough to snap on the clips onto the socket. It takes lots of pressure to snap it on. This is usually the hard part.

Heatsink over the cpu on the motherboard


The next thing is placing the memory chips on the motherboard. They simply slide into the slots. Like the heatsink, they take a little pressure to lock them into place.

The two memory chips on the motherboard


Next, we prepare the computer case for the installation of the motherboard. First we line up the motherboard screws with the correct pattern of the motherboard.

Case with correct pattern of gold screws


Then we slip the motherboard over the gold screws, and secure the motherboard with additional screws.

Motherboard fastened to computer case


The next thing I did was to attach the IDE and floppy cables to the motherboard.

Cables on motherboard


Then I attached the hard drive cooler onto the hard drive.

hard drive and cooler


Then they were attached to the computer case.

Hard drive on case drive bay


Next I added the cdr burner onto the case.

CD writer on top bay


Then I added the Xtasy 32MB AGP card onto the motherboard.

Graphics card on AGP slot


After that I attached the power leds to the motherboard. They are responsible for the power on and reset button.

Leds attached to headers on motherboard


Next I attached the usb pci card to the motherboard. It slips into the pci slots pretty easily.

PCI card on motherboard


Next I added the exhaust fan to the lower part of the computer case. It was placed right below the USB PCI card.

Fan located below pci card


In this picture you can see the left side panel of the motherboard for all the input connections. On the lower bottom, you can see the AGP connector, the usb ports, and exhaust from case fan. 

Back of computer case


The next thing I added was the floppy drive. Its hard to see in this picture, but the floppy is located on the bay, above the hard drive.

Floppy at top above hard drive.


These next two pictures are of the front of the computer case.

    Floppy                  CD Writer


Next the power supply was added. It was simply screwed into the case.

               Inside case             View from back of case


The DVD rom was added. I placed it at top and moved the cd burner down to the loweer drive bay.

Inside view.                 Closer view


The last thing added was the pci modem. It was placed on the last pci slot.

modem on last pci slot

Adam Completed

Adam was completed on January 14, 2003.