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The New York Garden

Here's what I've been working on!! The first pic below is of the section I've been working on the most. There used to be two big dead trees in that section and a huge sticker bush that took over the entire area. The sticker bush was the cover for a land fill of garbage and big concrete pieces. I first took out the entire sticker bush and all the leaves. Then I dug a big trench and buried the garbage and concrete. I placed English Ivy on top of that. I may replace it later, we'll see. And I planted four shrubs in the front area. Here's the progress so far.


1) Here is the area I was working on before I planted. 2) Here are the shrubs still in their pots

This is the area. That one tree still survived.

1) Pink Rhododendron 2) Red Rhododendron 3) Carolina Azalea 4) Katherine Havemeyer Lilac.

Here is the English Ivy on top of the "Concrete Grave"

Here are my two small rose bushes.

Here are my seedling starting to grow in my flower garden. Lots of pretty flowers will soon arrive!

And last but not least, pictures of Gardner RAVAZ hard at work!

As of June 12, 2003

1) Here the flower garden 2) and rose bushes.

1) Here are the shrubs. 2) I added a honeysuckle and 3) a Miss Kim lilac.

Here is my vegetable garden!

Burning Bush's I just planted!

Here is a full view of that area I'm working on.

Mulching and new fencing added! June 16th 2003.

1) A view of my project area. 2) Me laying down weed fabric before I added mulch.

Two views of the project area after I added mulch.

1) Honeysuckle 2) Pink Rhododendron 3) Red Rhododendron 4) Carolina Azalea  5) Katherine Havemeyer Lilac 6) Miss Kim Lilac.

Two views of the Burning Bushes.

My vegetable garden with an added front fence.


Veggie Garden