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Computer Building

Computers Built:
"The Beast"
"The Demon"

I got into the hobby of building computers from a phone conversation with my older brother. He was telling me how he was updating his computer. He was getting a bigger hard drive and upgrading the memory. This sparked an interest in me to do the same with my Love Angel's Dell computer. We went out to Best Buy and bought a few items to boost her system. We bought a 40 gig hard drive, 2 sticks of 128MB system memory and a cdr burner. We spent a total of about $180. After upgrading the Dell computer and being happy with its new performance, I decided to do research on building a new computer system.

Here are some websites that helped out:

Another source of information and help was my online buddy GCOM. He's a big computer geek who knows tons about computers! Here are some websites he recommended:

Once I had an idea of how everything worked, it was time to find parts! I used only 2 websites for finding computer parts. I'm sure there are lots more. Here are the two I primarily used.
I used these guys primarily to see what the market price was for a particular part. Then I went to...
The place for deals! But you have to be on your toes! And always factor in shipping and insurance cost to your final price!

In my experience, you can always find a better deal on parts online compared to retail stores.

Onward to my first computer I built, The Beast...