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The Great One's Veggie Garden!! 2005

These few pictures are of the site I was given to grow my garden for the 2005 season.


Here are the baby plants. They are several tomatoes, assorted peppers, yellow squash, zucchini squash, and broccoli.


1) The site was leveled and prepared for planting. 2) The Great One planting. 3) Everything planted. 4) Added grass clippings for mulch.


1) Edging was added. 2) small cages were added for tomatoes and bell peppers. 3) Marigolds were added.


1) Row of Broccoli 2) Row of Yellow and Zucchini squash 3) Row of tomatoes 4) Row of peppers

As of May 3rd

1) Eggplant that I have started growing in pots. 2) More peppers grown in pots. 3) Side view of the garden. 4) Front view of the garden.


1) Bell peppers plant. 2) Row of tomato plants. 3) My 2 Roma tomato plants on the right and my cherry tomato plant on the far right. 4) Rows of squash. 5) My caterpillar eaten broccoli plants.

As of May 29th

1) Side view 2) Front view 3) Row of Zucchini Squash

1) Row of peppers and Tomatoes 2) Banana peppers 3) My Jalapeno plant

1) My bell pepper plants 2) Row of caterpillar surviving broccoli 3) Yellow Squash

As of June 4th

1) Gardner Rav with his Zucchini Squash 2) Closer look at the Zucchini Squash 3) Gardner Rav next to his tomato plants. 4) Bell pepper plant looking good. 5) Gardner Rav and his broccoli plants.