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Rav's Toy Room!

Welcome to one of my many hobby's! Collecting toys! Here you will find my ever changing collection as it is displayed in my 'office'. Enjoy!!


In these two pictures you will see my main display wall. I put together this wacky shelf system to hold all of my library of books. As you can see I have decorated them with my toys.


Here are pics of my KISS toys. You'll see my Star Trek collection in the first pic.


Here is the Spawn collection. It has since been taken down and replaced with my Star Wars collection.


And here is my Star Wars collection. First pic are Episode 1 figs. Pic 2 is my Episode 2 collection. The next few after are some Revenge of The Sith figs mixed with others. Picture 4 shows my display of my 12 inch figures. 'The Ultimate Villain' Anakin/Vader is my latest acquisition. It's pretty damn sweet. The last picture is a mix of figs. I plan to use that space for more Sith figures as I get them.


More Sith figures added. These go up to Sith Figure #50. Second pic is of the Delux figure and Galactic Hero figures. Last pic is of all 12 inch figures available.


These two are closer pictures of Star Wars Unleashed figures I have on my shelves. I love these figures so much I had to take them out of their packages to display.


Here's a pic of the three different Invisible Woman figures available. Second pic McFarlane's Twisted Fairy Tales.