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The Beast

Here is the first computer I built:

beast01.JPG (19237 bytes)           Beast02.JPG (23911 bytes)          Beast03.JPG (46992 bytes)
These 3 pictures were taken before I had added the cd burner which was then on the Dell computer.

beast07.jpg (22349 bytes)           beast05.jpg (38030 bytes)           beast06.jpg (48789 bytes)
These three were taken after I installed the cd burner. The third picture is of the huge Voodoo video card.

beast08.jpg (22045 bytes)          beast09.jpg (22487 bytes)
Here are a couple pictures of 'The Beast' after I painted the cover of the cd burner.

The Specifications:


Total: $549


Onward to my second computer I built, Eve....