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Constructing Eve

Here I will describe in general how I put Eve together. This is no way meant to be used as a guide to building a computer. For that you will have to read the guides that come with the parts. Reading is the way you learn.

The first thing I did was a put the cpu chip on the motherboard. Its the hardest part of the process. It made me sweat anyway.

Putting the actual cpu chip on the mother board is easy. You simply match up the corners of the chip with the cpu socket on the mother board, and slid it into place. There is a locking arm on the socket that closes down to lock the chip into place. Here is a picture of the Intel Celeron chip on the socket on the motherboard:

cpu_on_motherboard.jpg (42026 bytes)

The hardest part is next. Putting the cpu cooling fan on. The CPU cooling fan is placed directly onto the cpu chip. The cooling fan is attached to the motherboard by two hooks on the side of the socket. Getting the arm of the cooling fan on the back hook of the socket is easy. But getting the forward arm on the front hook of the socket is the hardest part. Its hard because you have to apply a lot of pressure to get the arm to lock onto the hook. If you press to hard, you can break the cpu chip. Then you have to buy another. And the cpu chip is normally the expensive part of the computer. Here are two pictures taken after I managed to get the cooling fan on.

fan_on_cpu.jpg (25913 bytes)          fan_on_mbhook.jpg (20225 bytes)
The first picture shows the huge cooling fan on the mother board. In the second picture, I circled an area where the front arm of the cooling fan is attached to the hook on the socket.

After that big task was done, I put the memory chip on the mother board. It to is also easy, but you have to do it carefully. Like the cpu cooling fan, it to requires a little pressure to click it into place. Here is a side view of the motherboard with the memory chip installed. The memory chip has the bar-code sticker on the side.

memory_on_mb.jpg (26732 bytes)


After that I placed the motherboard into the case. This is a little easy. You just need to place a few mounting screws into place first, then place the motherboard on top and screw it into position. Here's a picture I took after I did that.

mb_on_case.jpg (22129 bytes)


And finally comes the fun part of attaching the cdrom, floppy disc drive, and Hard Drive to the case. Simply pick a spot for each on the case and slide it in. Floppy disc drive and Hard drive go onto the lower smaller brackets. The cdrom and anyother drives like DVD or cdrw go on the larger brackets. Then you get all the proper cables and hook them up to the motherboard. Then you need to attach the case cooling fans and AMR modems. I'll go into that when I build 'Adam'. There's other stuff like setting the jumpers, but you'll have to read the manual for that. Here's a picture of the case with all the drives connected.

full_on_case.jpg (24205 bytes)


And that is basically it. Just buy everything and put it together. Of course there is tons I left out, but as I said before, that's where you read all the manuals and stuff. Here is Eve...

Eve.jpg (18801 bytes)
She was completed or borne on August 6, 2002


I will soon be building another computer for one of my best friends in Austin TX. He has requested something like the 'Beast'. Stay tuned!!!!