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XPCBoX 10 Bay+13 Fan+Front USB MID ATX CASE
XPCBoX X-Cooling Case for entry level server case, Overclockers and RAID Configuration
Customized System Cooling
Large Space and More Storage
Front USB and Blue LED

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  XPCBoX X-Cooling Case without Power Supply (C500-S0)



Calling all overclockers, computer freaks, and other PC lovers!  This is the case for you. Pushing your system too hard?  Temperatures getting a bit high?  You can install up to thirteen fans in it, without using any bothersome clamps or brackets.  That's right... THIRTEEN fans.  And this case is an eBay exclusive.  That means you can't find it anywhere else...  no other retail stores or sites.  For now, this item will only be selling to consumers through eBay.  This is guaranteed to be the "coolest" case you've ever owned!

Customized System Cooling:
Fully customizable airflow schematic by reversing fans
Installation of up to 13 total fans for ultra-high cooling efficiency
Complies with AMD and Intel System Thermal Solution Design
Fan configuration below:
- 2x 80mm on the back- 1x 80mm on the top- 2x 80mm on the right panel
- 4x 80mm on the front panel- 2x 80mm on the left panel- 2x 120mm on the left panel
(Case comes with 1 pre-installed 80mm fan on the back, others fans are optional)

3D Air Vent, Best ventilation design in PC Case:
Special 3D outer air vent cuts for high dust prevention
Reduced noise over regular "cut open" air vent (no grills needed)

Large Space and More Storage:

Entry level server configuration applicable with total 10 drive bays.
IDE or SCSI RAID Setup Ready!
4 full-length 5.25" open drive bays, cd/dvd-rom won t block the motherboard
2 full-length 3.5" open drive bays, for floppy or zip drive
4 full-height 3.5 hidden drive bays
holds up to four (4) 2.0"-thick drives
Supports All ATX Motherboard sizes up to 12 x10

Installation and Access:
Snap-off Front Cover and dual side-open panels.
Folded edges for safer and easier installation.
Front-Side Dual USB Ports connect directly to motherboard secondary USB header

Cool BLUE HID Led with BLUE Eclipse See-through Cover
Accessories include screws (more than enough), cable ties and plastic cable clips.


Case Dimension:
Approximate 17"x19"x8"